Axe was formed in 1977 out of the ashes of “Babyface”, a Hard Rock band burdened with a top 20 hit... but on the Adult Contemporary Charts.

The band was brought together by leader Bobby Barth (Axe, Blackfoot). Pulling members from all over America to Gainesville Florida, where they lived in one house, wrote music, and practiced.

Axe was different in that the makeup of the band were all veterans of many years playing clubs and cover music, 4 lead singers, and all writers. Signing a deal before they ever played a gig. The band signed to MCA Records for 2 records, later on to Atco Records for 2 records, where they had success with the anthemic song “Rock and Roll Party in the Streets” touring with almost every major act on the road. Judas Priest, Ozzy, Deep Purple, Kiss, Motley Crue, Cheap Trick, ZZ Top, and quickly became a touring staple in the arena rock world.

The upward momentum ended tragically in the summer of 1984 when Micheal Osborne and Bobby Barth were involved in an automobile accident where Osborne was killed and Barth received a broken neck, but was able to recover. Not having the heart to continue without his best friend Osborne, Axe ended that day and rested Until the 1990’s, Axe once again rose from the ashes to record Five, their fifth record and then onto The Crown, 20 Years From Home Volume 1 and 2, an Axe Anthology “Axeology” a DVD live from Sweden Rock in 2012.

Now they will release their final record, ”Axe, Final Offering”. Mixed by Mark Pinske (Frank Zappa, Steve Vie, etc....) and mastered by Alan Douches (Yes, Fleetwood Mac, Pete Townshend, Mastodon, etc...). Available on CD and a Limited Edition 180g Double LP all numbered, 1-500. Including a bonus track, 2 inserts and liner notes from Bobby Barth.