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Philadelphia-native progressive group IN THE PRESENCE OF WOLVES rattled the east coast metal scene with their 2015 full-length release, Thalassas, deftly mixing a bevy of classic progressive rock, modern prog-metal, experimental, post-hardcore and jazz rock influences that has since been unparalleled by any upand- coming local artist of late. 


IN THE PRESENCE OF WOLVES further improves upon their addictive sonic blend with their EP, Of Two Minds, Stages 1-2: The Ape and The Cage, a conceptual offering all its own. The EP’s auditory assault reaches far beyond the confines of ITPOW’s experimental predecessors—plainly inspired by the piercing vocal attacks, tasteful theatricality and frantic musical kaleidoscopes pioneered by artists like Rush,

Coheed and Cambria, Queen, The Mars Volta and Between The Buried And Me—leaving the listener with something overtly inspired yet fresh and uncharted.

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