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Instructions: To enter the Ten Years After Play With The Band” Contest please do the following:
  1. Record yourself playing along to "Land of the Vandals" (film professionally or on your phone horizontally.)
  2. Post your video to Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. Use the following in your caption or video description: Tag @tenyearsafter and @dekoentertainment on all platforms / Use hashtag #TenYearsAfterPWTB.
  3. Send your video submission to TenYearsAfterPWTB@gmail.com with the subject line ‘PWTB Submission - [Your First and Last Name]’. In the body of the email, please provide your contact info: cell phone #, email, and address. 
  1. Top Prize (awarded to 1 winner): Personal Zoom Meet & Greet with the band (30 min.) and win free Ten Years After merch.
  2. Secondary Prize (3 winners): Free admission to the Ten Years After Town Hall Event, a chance to submit questions to be answered by the band, and a signed picture and CD.
  3. Tertiary Prize (5 winners):  CD and a signed picture.
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Meet The Band


Ric Lee



Chick Churchhill

Hammond Organ/Wurlitezer


Colin Hodgkinson



Marcus Bonfanti


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