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The Gil Evans Orchestra (PRESS:

Gil Evans, the most innovative arranger in the history of jazz, died in 1988. He is remembered for his work with Miles Davis in the 1950s, starting with the groundbreaking album "The Birth Of The Cool" with a pianoless nonet, and peaking with "Miles Ahead", in which he turned a collection of seemingly diverse songs into a concept album by expertly writing small linking passages to them.

"Hidden Treasures" has been produced by his sons, Miles and Noah. It is the first studio recording in over 40 years by the Gil Evans Orchestra and takes for its artistic starting point the early 1980s, long after the glory days of Evans' association with Miles Davis, when their father played piano on Monday nights at the Sweet Basil club in Greenwich Village.

"Subway" opens the proceedings. Written and arranged by keyboards player Pete Levin, it is based on a heavy bass figure, with the ensemble coping manfully with the twists and turns that follow.


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