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Kelakos Releases Its First Song In 45 Years

Today the 70s band Kelakos returns – 45 years after its last studio recordings -- with the first pre-release from the forthcoming 12-song album HURTLING TOWARDS EXTINCTION. Lead singer / lead guitarist George Kelakos Haberstroh is back with a charismatic voice long-time Kelakos fans will instantly recognize, along with edgy lyrics and tasty guitar licks burning with intensity.

The band’s remixed, remastered 70s catalogue, a 15-track CD released in 2015 as KELAKOS UNCORKED: RARE TRACKS FROM A VINTAGE 70s BAND, gained recognition and critical praise 37 years after their 1978 album GONE ARE THE DAYS. “Best Boston Band You’ve Never Heard” (CBS Boston Classic 1007WZLX) and “One of 2015’s Top New Music Re-Issues" (Phil’s Picks) were among many strong reviews; Goldmine gave the release 4 stars. This brought the band members back together to test their appetite for new recordings. The result was an explosion of rock energy, memorable songwriting and singing, and clean, rich production handled by Linc Bloomfield. It is as if 45 years of time never happened. Kelakos picked right up where it left off in 1978.

Livin’ on the Planet Love is a first peek at this amazing new collection of Kelakos songs. Carl Canedy on drums, Mark Sisson on pedal steel, and Linc Bloomfield on bass, rhythm guitars, keyboards and background vocals deliver a crisp, colorful track that rocks with the classic vibe and melodic hooks the band brought to every song since they recorded the first Kelakos single in 1976.

Check out the video of Livin’ on the Planet Love, which pulls the viewer into a universe of vivid imagery near and far, reminding us how much fun this music can be and also the dues this band paid back in the days when rock legends were in their prime, but also holding a mirror up to our turbulent world.

You can pre-order HURTLING TOWARDS EXTINCTION here, with the CD and collector’s double LP beautifully packaged with graphics by the incomparable Belgian album artist Eric Philippe:

For more information, visit:

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