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Eddie’s Intro

If You Want Me to Stay

Make A Move

Passion to Ashes

You Got That Right

Paris Calling

All My Friends

Fire in The House


Thank You Kindly

Why Should I Believe

You Shoulda Heard it Two Days Ago

Everyone Hangin’?

Somebody's Fallin

Rocks on The Rocks

Y’all A Noisy Bunch

My City

Not Bad At All

Read My Lips

I'm Serious

The Chain


Bundle Includes:

One (1) Shark Island "Momentio Mori Live On The Strip" CD

One (1) Shark Island T-Shirt

One (1) Shark Island Bracelet

One (1) Shark Island Sticker

One (1) Shark Island Autographed Flat

Shark Island - Momento Mori Live On The Strip T-Shirt Bundle

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