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Yesterday's Children were an American psychedelic rock band formed in Cheshire-Prospect, Connecticut, outside of New Haven, in 1966. The group's earliest release was the psychedelic rock-influenced single "To Be or Not to Be". Though, at first, Yesterday's Children were a standard garage band, they transitioned into a psychedelic proto-heavy metal outfit that released one cult classic album before disbanding in 1970.


The band took an aggressive garage rock musical stance, while incorporating aspects of psychedelic nuance into their compositions. The group released their debut single, "To Be or Not to Be", on the London Records subsidiary label, Parrot Records, and became a regional success. It is also one of the rarest and sought after releases by avid record collectors. Over the following three years, Yesterday's Children released two additional singles. In 1970, the band recorded their only album, Yesterday's Children, which was released on Map City Records.


Now this cult classic record has been Re-Mastered and Re-Packaged and being delivered on 180g vinyl in a Special Limited Edition (250 copies) multi-colored vinyl.



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