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Carolyn Broussard is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist based in New Orleans but raised in Cajun country. She trained classically at ULL before deciding to hit the New Orleans scene, where she played and sang in every genre all over town. Since the pandemic she has been focused on learning about the music business, producing, recording, licensing, and songwriting, with less frequent live performances and lots of work on the urban farm.

Carolyn Broussard’s debut record Ghosts of the Past takes listeners on an intense journey through her life, examining themes of relationships, heritage, and climate change in its 8 original songs. Broussard’s powerful and expressive voice is supported by an all star band and the unique arrangements of producer Charlie Wooton, drawing on a very wide harmonic palate. Look forward to hearing these songs a lot because they’ll be in the ear worm rotation right away!


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