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David "Lefty" Foster has been captivated by music, particularly the blues, since his professional singing career began at the tender age of 14. With a deep appreciation for the genre's intricacy and emotional depth, he sees it as the foundation for all American popular music. His journey into the blues world was solidified during his twenties when he co-owned the Shaboo Inn, a legendary R&B and jazz nightclub that hosted blues greats such as Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, and T-Bone Walker.

Throughout his time at the Shaboo Inn, Lefty formed close relationships with these legendary artists, who recognized and nurtured his vocal talent. They mentored him and provided opportunities for him to hone his craft on stage. These invaluable experiences led to the formation of the Shaboo AllStars in 1979, a band that featured renowned guitarist Matt Murphy. The band gained significant recognition throughout the U.S., earning praise from esteemed publications along the East Coast and in New Orleans.

Following the Shaboo Inn's closure in 1982, Lefty continued to lead the Shaboo AllStars while working as a talent buyer for theaters and large concert clubs in Boston and Connecticut. In 1987, he relocated to Los Angeles at the invitation of legendary bassist Harvey Brooks to join a remake of the Electric Flag. Although the project didn't materialize as planned, Lefty seized the opportunity to record his solo album, "What a Life," produced by the esteemed Paul Rothchild.

Despite the album's eventual shelving due to unforeseen circumstances, Lefty continued to lead the Shaboo AllStars and built a successful music production company, Shaboo Productions. In 1999, Lefty's band became a regular act at the Mohegan Sun Casino, further solidifying his reputation as a musician's band and expanding his audience appeal. Throughout his career, Lefty has shared the stage with numerous notables, including Chuck Berry, Keith Richards, Dan Akroyd, Buddy Guy, and Mike Finnigan. His accomplishments include a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Connecticut Blues Society and induction into the Mohegan Sun Hall of Fame.

Now, Lefty is thrilled to present his latest project, "The Real Thing," co-produced by Mike Finnigan and Tony Braunagel, featuring the Phantom Blues Band and several special guests. With a lifetime of experience and a passion for the blues, Lefty aims to share the joy and power of this timeless music with listeners everywhere.


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