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From the ashes of the Black Plague arose a coven of dark-cloaked, masked figments of our imagination known as the Plague Doctors, whose premise was to find, contain and dispose of the leprous disease as they saw fit. They succeeded in their efforts as this illness was intended to end civilization, as it was known. But even though it was a time of death, it was also a time of song, as music was the great catalyst for healing the sick and bringing peace to their souls. This mythology was the catalyst for Doomslide, as its two mystical healers Dr. Whyte and Blakk; both notorious minstrels took it upon themselves to bring wellness to the lives of those whose ears they inhabited.

Thru the physics of time travel and spectral astral projection Herr Doctors made their way to modern society whilst retaining their ability to poach others musical creations and inherently make them their own,
remember, they are mystics and they dwell in the great unknown. Their research into formerly popular culture songsmiths was vast and in-depth as they came upon suitable musical pieces that were are once popular and still reside in the transoms of mere mortals, but since they trekked thru centuries to entertain and enrich, they decided that an exorcism of the originals was due thus the concept behind the debut opus As The World Burns, as a cavalcade of reworked tracks give them new life. Nolonger will “You Spin Me Round” and “I Want Your Sex” be relegated to the back of the jukebox but will be front and center for the masses to invigorate their youthful memories or still their current realities.

Doomslide may evoke pagan fires and bleak days ahead but rather they offer a new way for the generation that came before. The only thing stopping you from is how much you’re willing to dance your ass off.


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Deko In The Square.png
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