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Wanting to get back to their roots of writing solid Rock songs, ZERO ONE ZERO started out as
an idea between James Ferrentino (guitar) and Rob Zawisza (vocals.) As this idea blossomed
and the songs were coming together, they realized they needed help. Veteran musicians Mark
Ahles (drums) and Marc Russell (bass) were enlisted to put the rhythm in the mix. 2019 saw the
release of their debut album, “Think Like Machine” with the release of their sophomore effort,
“Full On” shortly after in 2020 to much acclaim and catching the ear of Grammy winning
producer Paul Nelson. Working with Paul, ZERO ONE ZERO hit the studio and recorded their
much-anticipated third full-length album, “Traces Of Yesterday” which will be released in August
2024 by Deko.

ZERO ONE ZERO’s ‘retro-aggressive’ style is the culmination of the members’ similar musical
interests and their different and very diverse personal influences. “It is what makes our songs
stand out and fill a void in today’s current music trends.”

Listen for yourselves - No Bull, Just Rock!


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Deko In The Square.png
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