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John Lodge is singer-songwriter and bass guitarist for the iconic rock band, The Moody Blues. Writer and vocalist of such mega Moody Blues hits “Ride My See-Saw”, “I’m Just A Singer (In A Rock and Roll Band)”, “Isn’t Life Strange”, “Gemini Dream”, “Steppin in a Slide Zone” and many many more. Lodge has been performing and recording with The Moody Blues for more than five decades, selling in excess of 70 million albums, and also enjoys a successful solo career, doing what he loves, performing and playing music.


John’s particular passion is to keep all the Moody Blues music alive – the music that he describes as the ‘soundtrack of his life’. In 2019, the band stopped touring, and so John, with his 10,000 Light Years Band, now continue to bring this music to the fans who have been on this journey with him for so many years, and hopefully new ones along the way too!

John’s latest release is the new studio Album ‘DAYS OF FUTURE PASSED – MY SOJOURN’. The album was recorded over the last year and has grown from John’s current live show as he, and his 10,000 Light Years Band, lovingly recreate this classic album.


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