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In the great pantheon of musicians transcending above mere “celebrity” status, the late MICHAEL HUTCHENCE towers over most. A consummate “rock star” if there ever was one, he embodied the spirit and smoldering swagger of rock ‘n’ roll while possessing one of the most iconic voices in the contemporary music scene. So, it was with an earth-rattling shudder when tragically he passed away in 1997, leaving a mind-numbingly impressive legacy across the entertainment realm. What many didn’t know, however, is that he left some of his brilliance behind in the form of unreleased music. Producer, musician and personal friend DANNY SABER (Madonna, Rolling Stones, U2) has taken some of these musical pieces and completed them to continue and extend Hutchence’s impact.


Deko Entertainment has teamed up with Boss Sonics and producer Danny Saber to release a Limited Edition Red 10” picture disc featuring “One Way” and “Save My Life”. On sale May 8th!


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