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Hannah Bug Releases Her Debut Single “Change Of Scenery”

Pennsylvania-based singer-songwriter Hannah Bug releases her captivating debut "Change of Scenery." This track features a shimmering indie soul soundscape woven with smooth, sweet vocals. “Change of Scenery” is hypnotizing, telling the story of life after a breakup, culminating in a 90s inspired dreamy outro. It’s an ode to learning how to fall in and out of love and coming into who you are while still being influenced by a distant romance. "Change of Scenery" is a coming of age sonic journey produced by MCKNZ at The Daisy Corner studio.

“The initial premise of the song is a play on the popular assumption that a “change of scenery” can be a kind of remedy to feeling stuck in place or hung up on the past. As hard as I tried to make that feel true, to throw myself into new things and unfamiliar places in an effort to escape my sinking state of heartbreak, I quickly realized that no matter where I go, my same old feelings will follow. The song progresses with my attempt to face those feelings and finally confront who I am after the love story ends.” - Hannah Bug

After a life of utilizing songwriting as a sacred and personal form of self-soothing therapy, singer-songwriter “Hannah Bug'' has finally emerged out of her bedroom and onto the stages of Philly’s most exciting, bustling music spots.

The past few months have marked her debut as a performer sharing her unrelenting vision and deeply intimate, intentional lyricism with an audience. Both a gifted storyteller and writer at heart, Hannah Bug’s blissfully soulful vocals and spellbinding melodies tap into an authentic indie-soul territory akin to the likes of Banks, Corinne Bailey Rae and Carla Morrison.

With her first single “Change of Scenery”— a hopefully lamenting offering of raw moodiness— just around the bend, the fresh and up-and-coming songstress is busy penning her own timeless records in the studio while uniquely and seamlessly carving a path for herself. Stay tuned for what’s next. You won’t want to miss it.

Hannah Bug records with up and coming engineer & producer, MCKNZ, at The Daisy Corner in Philadelphia, PA.

For more information, visit:

Deko Entertainment - Art Has Value

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