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THE BRONX CASKET CO. The Complete Collection. (PRESS: PURE ROCK)

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

THE BRONX CASKET COMPANY is the gothic metal band formed by OVERKILL bassist DD Verni. The band released its eponymous debut album in 1999, and three subsequent releases afterwards. Comprising the rest of the band is guitarist Jack Frost (SEVEN WITCHES, SAVATAGE), keyboardist Charlie Calv (ANGEL, SHOTGUN SYMPHONY) and drummer Tim Mallare (OVERKILL, M.O.D.). Rob Pallota played drums on the most recent album, Antihero. Lead vocals on the first three albums were by Myke Hideous (THE MISFITS, EMPIRE HIDEOUS), with DD Verni taking over lead vocals on Antihero. BCC is much more than a mere side project. This band had some very cool songs and imagery going during their tenure.

Now, Deko Entertainment has released The Complete Collection, this new box set which encapsulates the band’s entire catalog, plus some bonus material. (There are five discs total, the perfect amount of BCC music to fill your CD changer). The first thing you’ll notice is the sleeve, which is designed to look like a wooden casket. This is a real eye-catching graphic, with the BCC logo burned into the wood. Inside is a unique foldout sleeve that holds all the discs. Kudos to designer Shayne O’Neill, who put together this fantastic package I’m holding in my hands. Secondly, all the songs have been remastered by Alan Douches (THE MISFITS, MASTODON). Great job by him as well, as these songs all sound great.

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