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The Jeremy Edge Project (PRESS: THE ROCKPIT)

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Former Candlelight Red Guitarist Jeremy Edge returns from a hiatus to introduce The Jeremy Edge Project via Deko Entertainment, featuring guest appearances from Brandon Yeagley (Crobot) and Brett Hestla (Dark New Day).

The Project marks a triumphant return for the musician that achieved 4 top 50 Active Rock singles with his previous band. Edge admitted he had to improvise with recordings after personnel changes threatened to interrupt things.

He decided to enlist a few musical chums to assist with instrumentation and lay some vocals down, which included Edge showcasing his own. The Jeremy Edge Project is ten tracks of classic rock, blues, alternative rock and metal mixed with emotive vocals and intrinsic guitar patterns that help bring this LP to come alive. Grammy- Nominated engineer Mike Ferretti helped produce proceedings in Ringwood, NJ.


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