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I've loved everything to do with Halloween since I was a kid and always wanted to be able to contribute or be a part of Halloween in some way. Hearing music at Haunted Attractions inspired me to start writing and recording. I write this instrumental music with haunted attractions, films, and gaming in mind. Since 2014 Shadow's Symphony is played in haunts around the world. Each album that I write has a different theme, which means different instrumentation as well as style that pertain to the theme of the album. There's a bit of everything from melancholy piano to full blown dark orchestral strings and creepy ambient synth over the course of an album.  


 The House in the Mist was written using unpolished instruments and synthesizers to match the "look and feel" of old silent films. It was my first album written in 2011 and is still a popular choice for haunted attractions.


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