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Shotgun Symphony was a band that had success in Europe back in the early to mid-nineties. Their debut album on British indie label Now and Then Records was something of an instant hit and since is considered a classic with fans of melodic rock, but while the band tried to forge a new identity with their sophomore release "Forget The Rain" they seemed to lose some of their original identity and in hindsight it was probably too much of a dramatic move.


“Forget The Rain” which was originally released in 1997, was at the time a very experimental album for the band, but 25 years later, it really stands the test of time with standout out tracks “My Escape” and “Carousel of Broken Dream” and more experimental tracks like “Playing With Fools” and the epic “Waiting for the Sun”. Produced by Tom Fletcher (Yes, Yngwie Malmsteem, Dokkent, etc…) and recorded in NJ, NY state and NYC in 1996 and mastered by Kevin Reeves at Capitol Studios in Hollywood, CA. 


Following “Forget The Rain” the band re-bounded with a more subtle mix of the old sound and the new on its third release "On The Line Of Fire". Having found a happy medium, the band seemed to hit its stride on their final release "Sea of Desire" in 1999 and shortly after disbanded. They re-united in 2002 at the Gods of AOR festival in England, with a follow up one-off appearance at the Firefest festival in Nottingham, UK in 2010 and one last time at Melodic Rock Fest 2018 in Chicago.