Born in Pinsk, Belarus in 1984 and immigrating to Canada in 1992 with the collapse of the USSR; Alexei Orechin has been actively shaping musical environments with his current projects No Seas, a solo project for guitar and tape, and leading his own ensemble incorporating jazz, chamber, and experimental elements into his compositional work.

A diverse talent that is reflected in the company he has shared the stage with: Nas, Akae Beka, Rana Mansour, Shad, Yaadcore, and Sina Bathaie. He has played in USA, Mexico, Europe, and Russia. Performances include the TD and Montreal Jazz Festivals, Caribana, Irie Music Festival, Tirgan Festival, and Pride Toronto. His music for film has been featured at TIFF, CFC, NFB and the Warsaw Jewish Film Festival. He has been featured on CBC, Noisey, Global News, The Star, Dub Rockers, Huffpost, Afropunk, and Relix magazine.

2020 saw the premier of ‘1992 Ambient’, a 45-minute long composition that is a ‘therapeutic experiment in slowly melting sound and colour; representing the acculturation and restructuring oneself through emigrating from Russia to Canada in 1992’.

2020 will also see the release of his debut full length album Mirages; an album that showcases his diverse and ever evolving style of composition, ranging from moments of melodic solitude to fractal experimentalism.