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Jazz Composer, Alexei Orechin, releases "Mirages" LP through Deko Entertainment


Born in Pinsk, Belarus, and immigrating to Canada (Hamilton, ON) in 1992, Alexei Orechin has been actively shaping musical environments by leading his own ambient jazz, and chamber ensembles into his compositional work.

A diverse talent that is reflected in the company he has shared the stage with: Nas, Akae Beka, Rana Mansour, Shad, Yaadcore, Nahre Sol, Sina Bathaie, and Núria Andorrá. He has played in the USA, Mexico, Europe, and Russia. Performances include the TD Toronto Jazz Festival, Caribana, Irie Music Festival, Tirgan Festival, Manifesto, and Pride Toronto. Orechin's music for film has been featured at TIFF, CFC, NFB, and the Warsaw Jewish Film Festival. He has also been featured on CBC, Noisey and Vice, Global News, The Star, Dub Rockers, Huffpost, Afropunk, and Relix Magazine. 2020 also saw the premiere of 1992 Ambient, a 45-minute work for chamber orchestra and electronics is a ‘therapeutic experiment in slowly melting sound and color; representing restructuring oneself through emigrating from Russia to Canada in 1992. This music also marked the completion of a master’s degree in composition from the renowned Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (ESMUC) in Barcelona.

Mirages” can be best described as a musical self-portrait of an artist who brushes the limitless edge of contemporary jazz with ambient coloring."

“A world full of mirrored light and illusion. A listening experience through an intimate narrative that is a complete rotation from sunrise to sunset, full of melodic solitude and fractal improvisation...”

“A mood ring of sorts, one that explodes from its jazz trappings to showcase a truly unique voice, unafraid to explore the more avant-garde areas that are often discussed but rarely executed..."

- William Brookson (

The release is available digitally as well as on both CD and LP, which can be ordered via Mirages” Tracklist: 1. Hidden Postcard 2. Swelling 3. Stranitsi 4. Relatives 5. Big Two-Hearted River pt. ii 6. 0110 Spin 7. Silk 8. Tvoi Ogon 9. Flowerbed

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