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Lisa Gee Teams Up With Carmine Appice, Don Mancuso, And James LoMenzo For New Single "Love Thing"

Singer, songwriter, and classically trained multi-instrumentalist Lisa Gee wrote her first song at the age of 4, and music has been her passion as far back as she can remember. Her brand new single “Love Thing” is out now through Deko Entertainment (ADA/Warner Music Group) and her first co-written and produced by legendary drummer Carmine Appice (Vanilla Fudge, Ozzy Osbourne, Blue Murder, Rod Stewart, etc…). It’s an up-tempo pop/rock song that contemplates infatuation, love at first sight, and the beat of your heart when your crush is in your sights, all inspired by a young chance encounter with The Ramones, more on that in the future.

The song is filled out with rich guitar rhythms and masterful leads by Don Mancuso (Lou Gramm Band, Black Sheep), and a driving bass line executed by James Lomenzo (White Lion, David Lee Roth, Megadeth). Lisa and the guys had this to say about the song. Download the song here: There are also limited edition “Love Thing” T-Shirts (while supplies last), which can be ordered via:

I've written a LOT of songs, over 200; but 'Love Thing' is one of my faves - it's about that universal crazy-crush feeling we've all experienced when we realize we're totally infatuated with someone new. It was so cool working with Carmine Appice on this one - his vision of it blows me away and Carmine, James Lorenzo and Don Mancuso made my dream of "Love Thing" come alive! It's super fun! - Lisa Gee
"I had a great Time producing LISA Gee’s LOVE THING and a great time doing the video. I love her vocals and songwriting abilities. She is a Talent for sure!!!"~Carmine Appice "Lisa's a prolific songwriter, sings like a bird and I've worked with her on tons of music over the past few years. I love her pop music - Love Thing is one of the hookiest songs she's got - and she's got some seriously hooky songs." ~James Lorenzo
I've been working with Lisa Gee for over a decade now - we've collaborated on over 50 songs together - Love Thing has been an amazing journey - and I'm loving' it." ~Don Mancuso

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