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Deko Entertainment Releases Lisa Gee’s Debut EP Shut It Down Produced By Rock Legend Carmine Appice

Shut it Down, the new EP by acclaimed singer/songwriter Lisa Gee, offers a musical tribute to the human experience. Songs of love, hate, exhilaration, exuberance, and the inevitable fallout we are all forced to confront at some point in our lives, radiate from the record via its cutting-edge production, infectious rhythms, and powerful vocals. Gee delivers this to her listeners and more, in a compact celebration of enchantments, vicissitudes, and uncertainties.

“This is a record about life and all one will experience when we live it to the fullest,” says Gee. “It’s not always great and hopefully it’s not too hard to get through, but when it’s good, it can be very good and very memorable. That’s how I’ve gone through it, so far.”

Produced and co-arranged by legendary rock drummer Carmine Appice, Shut It Down is a departure from Gee's typical sound, which often featured her multi-instrumentalist abilities. Appice, listed as one of greatest drummers of all time by ROLLING STONE and an accomplished songwriter and producer in his own right (Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, Beck Bogert Appice; Ozzy Osbourne, and Rod Stewart), wanted to give Gee’s music a heavier foundation, accented by rougher edges and sterling production values. In the end, it forced the more traditional singer/songwriter to step outside of her previous musical comfort zone into something more visionary. In addition to Appice, who drummed on all the songs, veteran bassist James LoMenzo (Megadeth, John Fogerty, Black Label Society, White Lion) and Don Mancuso (Lou Gramm Band, Black Sheep, D-Drive, Lips Turn Blue) are also featured on the EP.

“I’ve been so lucky to work with a musical and studio pro like Carmine,” adds Gee. “From Ozzy, Jeff Beck and Rod Stewart to his own popular groups, Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, King Kobra and Blue Murder, Carmine brings decades of success and experience to a project like this. He took what I was creating to a whole new level.”

“Lisa Gee is the real deal,” says Appice. “She can play a multitude of instruments and has great songwriting and arranging skills. She was willing to go somewhere different in her musical journey on this record, and that made all the difference.”

A classically trained multi-instrumentalist, Gee is also a prolific songwriter, having written well over 200 songs. She remembers writing her first song at the age of four:

“Music has been a passion as far back as I can remember.” Aside from working years in the legal community and having a side gig creating music videos for several artists, she finds time to ride. “Yes, you can add ‘The Original Biker Chick’ to my long list of accomplishments,” laughs Gee. “The boys in leather don’t take me seriously until I show up on my 1980 Harley Davidson Low Rider or my 2016 Indian Chief Vintage. I’ve been riding almost as long as I’ve been writing music.”

Her single “Love Thing” was previewed earlier this year through Deko Entertainment (ADA/Warner Music Group) and was her first co-write with Appice.

“It’s an up-tempo pop/rock song that contemplates infatuation, love at first sight, and the beat of your heart when your crush is in your sights,” says Gee. “In fact, it was inspired by a chance encounter with The Ramones when I was very young…but that’s a different story.”

Shut it Down is a new chapter in the musical adventures of Lisa Gee. Her creative scope is so broad the label wasn’t sure how to define her initially. Upon hearing her music and seeing the videos, Deko President, Bruce Pucciarello, cryptically quipped, “What the f**k is Lisa Gee doing?”

For the time being, let’s just say: “She’s being Lisa Gee.”

Bundle Includes:

• One (1) Lisa Gee Shut It Down T Shirt

• One (1) Lisa Gee Shut It Down Lunchbox

• One (1) Lisa Gee Shut It Down CD

• Two (1) Lisa Gee Guitar Picks

• One (1) Autographed Picture of Lisa Gee

Shut It Down Tracklist:

Love Thing

Automatic Reaction

Bad Motor Scooter

How Can This Be

Shut It Down

For more information:

Deko Entertainment–Art Has Value


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