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The Relic Room – October 2023

The Soundtrack to Halloween!

It is the most haunting time of the year! Houses are decorated, costumes are being made, and everyone is out enjoying a good scare at a hometown haunt, or traveling to one of the more popular theme parks for their Halloween Festivities and scare zones. You can hit up your local Halloween store, or one of the big box stores for all the décor and animatronics that you desire, but the one thing that you can’t get there is the soundtrack to your haunted house.

Of course, there are the movie score classics, anything from the Hammer Films of the 60’s and 70’s to the genre defining classics of John Carpenter, and there are some great variants of these mood setting pieces on vinyl for all of us with a slight affinity for the spooky! Let’s face it, a great score is what often enhances every suspenseful moment of a film, and can be the difference between a thriller and a dud.

But what about setting the mood at your own haunted house or Halloween display? That is where Shadow’s Symphony comes in! Shadow’s Symphony is the brain child of Grant Smoker. Grant has created music for local haunts, and even some of the larger ones for years. I discovered him online, and loved the sound and the imagery that comes along with his music done by Andrea Mast. It’s a spectacular combination.

Undertaking a series of ambient albums like this presents certain challenges, like the proper way to release a catalog, and continue staying current with the new releases. With the CD’s already out there for many of the back catalog, we decided to get started where it all began, album number one, The House In The Mist! We put it on dark green smoked vinyl that worked incredibly with the artwork, and Andrea did a great job tailoring her extensive art for a gatefold vinyl sleeve. House In the Mist is the first vinyl release for Shadow’s Symphony, and the first in a series that is still growing each year!

We are currently working on the new release, which will be available for pre-orders right around Halloween which is called Raven’s Grove Drive-In. Each release has a bit of a tale that comes along with it which we are sharing on the Deko Website. The vinyl are all being pressed in very limited editions of 250 worldwide. So if you are a collector, and have the CD’s the vinyl will be great pieces for your collection suitable for display, and adding a certain macabre to any Halloween décor in your home or listening room. Check out some of Grant’s ambient videos that he has been putting up on Youtube, and give Shadow’s Symphony a follow in social media for updates and new imagery that is being shared on a constant basis!

Happy Halloween where ever you are from all of us at Deko Entertainment and Shadow’s Symphony!

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