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Kelakos is a seventies rock band with roots in Boston and Upstate New York, known for fusing powerful rock rhythms and guitar leads with strong vocals, catchy songwriting, and rich, varied production. Forty-four years after their first album, Gone Are the Days, Kelakos returns stronger than ever with a new 12-song album release, Hurtling Towards Extinction. 


GEORGE KELAKOS HABERSTROH Kelakos fans, musician pals, and roadies from the seventies still ask, “How’s George”? The band leader always owned the spotlight with a superb singing voice, passionate and melodic guitar leads, and a charismatic stage personality. After the band went its separate ways in 1978, George just kept on writing, playing, and recording original songs. On Hurtling Towards Extinction, he brings the goods like there’s no tomorrow. 

CARL CANEDY Carl never took his foot off the pedal after the 1978 Kelakos release, producing albums by Anthrax, Overkill, Blue Cheer, Exciter, TT Quick, Possessed, and others, while his heavy metal band The Rods built a worldwide audience, and still is touring and recording. Carl has played drums on 47 albums, including solo releases. He’s a “metal legend,” who nails it on every track. 

MARK SISSON After his early years playing rhythm guitar in Kelakos, Mark discovered a new passion – playing pedal steel and lap guitar. His work as a music equipment professional gave Mark a deep knowledge of guitars and gear, and how the stars got their great sounds. Mark co-wrote and sang lead on “See Me Go” – his first track as lead vocalist. He made steel licks a distinctive new feature of the Kelakos sound. 

LINC BLOOMFIELD After Kelakos released Gone Are the Days, Linc started a career in international security, rising in Washington to senior government positions. Songwriting and recording revived in 2003 when a band of officials along with Jeff “Skunk” Baxter of Steely Dan and Doobie Brothers fame brought him back on stage, singing and playing bass. Linc has been recording and producing since then to make up for lost time. He produced three releases for “ABlinken”, gaining current US Secretary of State Antony Blinken a feature interview in Rolling Stone and a stint jamming with the Colbert band. 

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