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Albert Bouchard (PRESS: ABC NEWS RADIO)

Founding Blue Öyster Cult drummer Albert Bouchard will release a reimagined version of his old band's 1988 studio album, Imaginos, fittingly dubbed Re Imaginos, on November 6.

Imaginos originally was intended to be a solo concept albums by Bouchard based on a science fiction- and gothic horror-influenced story by late Blue Öyster Cult manager, producer and songwriter Sandy Pearlman. Albert began the album in 1981, but never completed the project, which eventually was finished by Blue Öyster Cult after he exited the group.

"Some people think it's the best BOC album, others think it's not a 'true' BOC album," Bouchard says in a statement. "In either case, they're right. I made this new album for them so that they can hear a more properly realized version of the tale."

Re Imaginos features new versions of all nine tracks that appeared on Imaginos, plus updated renditions of three songs that didn't make it onto the 1988 release -- "Girl That Love Made Blind," "Gil Blanco County" and "Black Telescope." The latter tune has been released as an advance single, while an accompanying video for the tune has premiered on YouTube.


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