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Albert Bouchard (PRESS:

Did ancient alien beings, now living as aquatic monsters, cause World War I through a series of human and non-human manifestations taking place from across the 1800s?

Blue Öyster Cult manager and lyricist Sandy Pearlman opined thusly, in the late ‘60s, then some more in the ‘70s across various BÖC songs and then into an album called Imaginos in 1988. At his side, always, was ex-BÖC drummer Albert Bouchard, who took the most interest in Sandy’s mad and circuitous tale, to the point where Imaginos had first been conceived as an Albert Bouchard solo album. Now, 32 years after the ill-fated Imaginos album, Albert has realized his goal of arranging the story the way he’d meant it to be, even if Pearlman is no longer around to enjoy the fruits of their shared labours, having succumbed to an aneurism in 2016.

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