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Award-Winning NJ-based Country Artist Southpaw Releases Second Album Drugstore Candy

New Jersey-based country music trio Southpaw announces the debut of their highly anticipated sophomore album, Drugstore Candy through their label Deko Entertainment. The album follows their debut, Unhitched, which reached number four on Amazon’s Hot New Releases in country in 2021.


Drugstore Candy, releasing on April 19, is a collection of eleven tracks that reflect Southpaw’s diverse artistic influences, with notes of rock, R&B, and funk infusing classic country songcraft. Included is the melancholy ballad “Your Name,” which was recently named 2023 Modern Country Song of the Year at the Josie Music Awards in Nashville, where Southpaw was also named 2023 Country Group of the Year.


They also have recently released their latest single from the album “Breaking Up with Broken”, where the video was premiered by Sirius XM DJ Dean Baldwin on Texas based StrykTV. The album contains 10 new original songs and a countrified version of the No Doubt hit single “Just A Girl”.



“There’s such an intense range of energy and emotions packed into this album,” says lead singer Christine Radlmann. “We’re so excited to share these songs with fans old and new.” 


Drugstore Candy will be available on CD and vinyl, as well as all major music streaming platforms.


 “We’re so pleased to partner with Deko Entertainment and release this album on vinyl for fans who want that tangible connection to the music,” says keyboardist Sean Garnhart. Guitarist Colin McConnell adds, “Streaming is of course convenient and empowering, but there’s something about dropping a needle on a record that adds authenticity.”


Southpaw is a trio of New Jersey-based musicians. Since their 2021 debut, Southpaw has been played on more than 400 radio stations worldwide. The band signed with Deko Entertainment, a leading indie record label and affiliate of ADA/Warner, in 2023.


Drugstore Candy will be available on CD and limited-edition vinyl while supplies last:


Track list:


1. Drugstore Candy

2. Born To Rock This Country

3. Breaking Up With Broken

4. Man With A Guitar

5. Your Name

6. Whiskey & Whine

7. Just a Girl

8. Three More Hours

9. Adam

10. My World Now

11. Can You See Me


For more information: 

Deko Entertainment–Art Has Value

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