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Born To Thrash is the latest live album by German thrash metal titans DESTRUCTION, recorded at the Party.San Open Air Festival in Germany on August 10, 2019. This is the first live recording with new drummer Randy Black and guitarist Damir Eskić. This show was in promotion of the band’s latest studio release, Born To Perish (2019). Deko has released a U.S. version with a slightly different cover.

Party.San is a festival that features death, black, thrash, doom and grindcore bands, so DESTRUCTION are gods at an event like this and fans are already aboard the train of DESTRUCTION in their home country of Germany. The first thing I noticed was how great Randy and Damir sound, and they definitely raise the bar for this band in a live setting. Schmier’s bass and fierce vocals are on display as well. Mike Sifringer is the rock on guitar, and allows Damir to take over lead guitar for the most part. This band is a real juggernaut of veteran metal musicians.

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