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John Entwistle's Rarities Oxhumed - Volume One, Is Coming In October, “I'll Try Again Today” Out Now

John ‍Entwistle is best known as the legendary bassist ‍for the Who. Nicknamed the Ox and Thunderfingers, Entwistle's music career spanned over four decades and he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of the Who in 1990. Renowned for his musical abilities, he was voted as the greatest bassist ‍of all time in a 2011 Rolling Stone magazine readers' poll and in its special "100 Greatest Bass Players" issue in 2017. Bass Player magazine named Entwistle at number seven.

Rarities Oxhumed - Volume One is the first in a series of posthumous releases coming from John Entwistle as part of a new partnership with Deko Entertainment and longtime friend and collaborator Steve Luongo. This first one has unreleased and remastered studio tracks, demos, and live tracks with gems like “Bogey Man” featuring Keith Moon, “Where You Going Now” (demo for the Who), and a raw live version of “Trick of the Light” recorded during the John Entwistle Band’s final tour in 2001. We will also take you behind the scenes with an expanded booklet with never-before-seen photos and a look into life on the road with John Entwistle.

As Steve Luongo comments,

John and I began touring together in 1987. Every tour was more fun than the last. That was the idea. Play loud aggressive rock & roll, have fun, laugh our asses off, travel to the next gig, and repeat. During the 15 years that we worked together as a rhythm section, we remained true to that cause. Along the way we recorded some records and created a sizable catalog of ideas and material for the future. The future is now.

The album cover concept was conceived by Steve Luongo and Chris Entwistle (John’s son). It gives a nod to John’s dark sense of humor and includes many of John’s favorite things. The two also worked with celebrity designer Queenie (Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Cardi B) to create two commemorative pieces of jewelry based on the Entwistle Crest. These are limited to only 300 each of both a necklace and keychain.

As Deko president, Bruce Pucciarello, states,

Hearing the foundation of sound that John Entwistle provided Pete Townshend on Live at Leeds was transformational for me. Watching Steve find these never heard gems from John’s career and making them available to the public is an honor for everyone involved.

The first preview of what’s to come is the remastered release of “I’ll Try Again Today.”

Pick up Rarities Oxhumed - Volume One and special limited bundles here

Product Includes:

- One (1) Rarities Oxhumed - Volume One CD

- One (1) Rarities Oxhumed - Volume One 12-page Expanded Booklet with Exclusive Photos, Recording Info, and Unreleased Photos.

- One (1) Entwistle Crest – Necklace or Keychain

Rarities Oxhumed - Volume One Tracklist:

1.“Bogey Man

2. “Darker Side Of Night

3. “I'll Try Again Today

4. “When You See the Light

5. “Back on the Road

6. “Left for Dead” (Alternate Version)

7. “I Wouldn't Sleep With You

8. “Don't Be a Sucker

9. “Life Goes on” (Demo)

10. “Where Ya Going Now” (Demo)

11. “Trick of the Light” (Live)

12. “Under a Raging Moon” (Live)

13. “Shakin' All Over” (Live)

Watch for music previews, lyric videos, and more on Spotify and YouTube.

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