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Kiley Baxter Shares "It's All Coming Back To Me Now" Single And Video

Recently signed to release her first single, singer-songwriter Kiley Baxter has been singing for as long as she can remember, with credits to many diverse influences ranging from Whitney Houston to Miley Cyrus. Incorporating elements of soul and a retro flare into the pop genre, Kiley creates music that is both timeless and limitless.

Baxter shares her first official single, released on Deko Entertainment in a partnership with Crooked Media. Her brilliantly reimagined version of "It’s All Coming Back to Me Now" (originally written by Jim Steinman) was produced by Paul Crook.

On the track itself and how this version came to be, Baxter wrote:

"This song is SO special to me. Steinman’s lyrics and composition are so passionate you can’t help but become completely engulfed in the song every time you hear it, or in my case, perform it. It’s not about just singing the song for me, but truly LIVING it on stage every performance. I took inspiration from both Meat Loaf’s and Celine Dion’s rendition of the iconic song when crafting the vocal. My performance came from studying all the 'greats.' I wanted to be able to captivate the audience and portray the incredible passion that 'IT'S ALL COMING BACK TO ME' holds. I can’t wait for everyone to continue to experience this amazing song with me!"

Paul Crook continued on the track and his contribution to this version's creation, writing:

"Ki’s talent is undeniable and she’s always prepared before approaching the mic. What is captured here is mind-blowing, especially when you take into consideration that her powerful performance was recorded in under an hour. Regarding the band... everyone delivered in top-notch form. Randy Flowers performed a beautiful guitar solo. He is incredibly lyrical with his note choices. The mighty, John Miceli on drums… The pocket he created here is dynamic and powerful. Justin Avery is a weapon…his backing vocals are always tight and creative. Justin also added a bunch of cool synth parts. Andy Ascolese is on piano. His performance is simply perfect. Ed Avila is playing some huge sounding bass, locked with Miceli. This song was a challenge for me to mix. It’s incredibly dynamic. Lots of peaks and valleys to take into consideration. Thank you, Jim Steinman, for the beautiful song."

Kiley Baxter's rendition of "It's All Coming Back To Me Now" is out now on all DSPs via Deko Entertainment. Stay tuned for more, coming soon.

Kiley Baxter will be performing shows across the UK on the highly anticipated, Celebrating Meat Loaf, Never Stop Rockin’ Tour beginning May 20 at the Oxford Theatre.

View the full list of dates below and purchase tickets HERE.

CELEBRATING MEAT LOAF - LIVE May 20 - Oxford, UK: New Theatre May 21 - Birmingham, UK: Symphony Hall May 23 - Glasgow, UK: Royal Concert Hall May 25 - Gateshead, UK: Sage One May 26 - Manchester, UK: The Bridgewater Hall May 27 - London, UK: Indigo at The O2

For more information visit:

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