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Little Caesar Teams Up With Deko Entertainment For Deluxe Edition Release

Little Caesar are best remembered for their version of the soul classic, "Chain of Fools", the 1989 hit single from their self-titled debut album on DGC Records, a subsidiary of Geffen Records. John Kalodner did A&R work for the group, and Bob Rock (Metallica, Motley Crue, etc.) produced their debut self-titled album, which was released to positive reviews. On the strength of the singles "Chain of Fools" (a cover of the Aretha Franklin song) and "In Your Arms", Little Caesar hit number 139 on the US Billboard 200 in 1990.

The band reformed for some live shows in 2001, and released a new album, "Redemption’, in 2009. Now the band is set to re-issue "Redemption" which has been remastered and repackaged for this limited “Deluxe Edition”, which features four live "Redemption" tracks including the stand out track “Supersonic”, plus “Every Picture Tells a Story”, “Sick And Tired”, and “Real Rock Drive”.

Lead Singer Ron Young had this to say,

“We are really excited to rerelease this album along with some corresponding live tracks. Having the listener get to hear 2 different moments in time, the different energies and emotions while performing the songs was a very interesting concept for us to get to do on this album."

This is the first of a series of re-issues coming through the band's new imprint label Dirty Deeds Records/Deko Entertainment. Next up will be 2012’s ‘American Dream’, set for release in early 2022.

The band’s manager Jeff Keller states,

“Partnering with Deko was a great situation. We are excited to re-issue re-mastered deluxe versions of these fantastic albums complete with new artwork and bonus tracks.”

Deko Entertainment's president Bruce Pucciarello continues,

“This is tight perfect formula rock, Little Caesar style. You lean back to listen and when it’s done, you wonder how you ended up leaning off of the front of your chair. Jeff Keller is the ultimate manager and matchmaker so thanks for this one Jeff.”

Limited edition bundles for "Redemption”, which can be ordered here.

Product Includes:

- (1) CD Album of Little Caesar's - Redemption (Deluxe Edition) - Autographed

- (1) Little Caesar T-Shirt

- (1) Little Caesar Sticker

"Redemption" Tracklist:

1. Same Old Story

2. Supersonic

3. Loving You Is Killing Me

4. Redemption

5. Sick And Tired

6. Real Rock Drive

7. Every Picture Tells A Story - Happy

8. Woodstock

9. Just Like A Woman

10. Supersonic (Live)

11. Every Picture Tells a Story (Live)

12. Sick And Tired (Live)

13. Real Rock Drive (Live)

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