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American Tears (PRESS:

Since Mark Mangold brought back American Tears in 2018 they are now onto this, their third album – the sixth in the band’s history. This latest, ‘Free Angel Express’ features Alex Landenburg (Stratovarius, Kamelot, Rhapsody) on drums, with guest appearances by Barry Sparks (UFO, Dokken), Doug Howard (Touch, Utopia, Edgar Winter Band) and Charlie Calv (Angel, Shotgun Symphony).

The lead tracks of the album ‘Sledgehammered’ and ‘Woke’ are both unsurprisingly the most instant songs. ‘Sledgehammered’ in particular roars out of the speakers with plenty of keyboards.

‘Can’t Get Satisfied’ is an enjoyable melodic rocker and like the whole album, has a 70s feel due to the authentic instruments from that time used to record the music.


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