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Chains Over Razors Are Set To Release Their Sophomore Album Through Deko Entertainment

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Crossing paths in a recording studio talking about music, twin brothers Mikey V & Andy V along with vocalist, William Mullen, set to re-write the rules of heavy metal as a 3-piece by twisting arrangements, melodies, and grooves in ways thought to be impossible, creating and defining the sound of Chains Over Razors. This caught the attention of legendary rocker, Carmine Appice (Ozzy Osbourne, Vanilla Fudge, etc…), to executive produce the group’s latest self-titled album and guide their career to new heights. Edgy, twisted, and ruthless is how many describe the outfit. The album was mastered by Alan Douches (Mastodon, The Dillinger Escape Plan, etc…) at West West Side Music.

The band has just released the first single “Behind These Eyes” and, drummer Andy V, had this to say about the meaning of the song,

“Pure rage and self reflection. The song represents the best and worst of yourself.”

Deko Entertainment was excited to work with the band after Carmine Appice sent the label some of the bands material, comments,

“Chains Over Razors well represents a new generation of talented musicians, all devoted to expanding Metal boundaries. And if the Metal doesn’t bend, these guys just blow torch it. Explosive and exciting new music. COR is Deko rated AAA+ for chaos.” - President Bruce Pucciarello
“We are excited to be part of the Deko Family, a company that will break and rewrite the rules of the music industry. Together, we have formed a lethal combination.” - Mikey V

The full album drops on March 25th and features other stand-out tracks like “Broken Home” and “The Narc”. The band has already cultivated a loyal following and has made the press take notice of their no holds barred full throttle approach to their music.

“Chains Over Razors will likely never cover a song by Chicago or Air Supply. Nope, these boys are noisy, powerful and so full of Metal they can never get on an airplane!” -Classic Rock Revisited
“Imagine a gnarly street fight; one gang has chains and the other has razors. Metaphorically, this is a good way to describe Chicago three-piece metal band, Chains Over Razors.” -Bravewords

You can pre-order the album now and get the limited edition bundle (while supplies last).

Includes the following products:

One "Chains Over Razors" CD Autographed

One "Chains Over Razors" Stainless Steel Necklace

One "Chains Over Razors" T-Shirt

Chains Over Razors Track Listing:

1. Cut The Noose

2. Broken Home

3. The Narc

4. Letters to the Sun

5. Megalomaniac

6. Tear from your Eye

7. Purge the Suffering

8. Goodbye to Sovereignty

9. Behind These Eyes

10. Fear

11. To an End

12. Lighthouse

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