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Updated: Sep 7, 2022

This week at Deko has been a flurry of activity as many of our upcoming projects took giant steps forward.

Albert Bouchard’s ReImaginos comic book is completely written and in the hands of the artist Eugene Zebrowski, one of the amazing Kubert School alums we partner with here at Deko. For all you Imaginos fans, the first part of the story is brought to life visually as Imaginos begins his quest to weaponize life’s darkest mysticisms. The John Entwistle project has Deko partnering with John’s best friend and music partner, Steve Luongo. Here we are assembling previously unreleased material for all of John’s fans, with heartfelt and technical guidance from Steve. Who wouldn’t love to work on a project like this? It is quite an honor for Deko! We celebrate Lisa Bodnar and Whistlegrass joining the Deko family. You will fall in love with Lisa’s explorative creativity--fascinating stuff. And you need to check out The Best I Can, a video we are teasing you all with ahead of LB&W’s full album release on October 28, 2022. This record kicks ass creatively and musically. If you need ambient sound in the background as you work or relax, I want to remind everyone that we recently released a wonderful collection of ambient music composed and recorded by Dan Dechellis. This has been hugely popular mainly because Dan is a very special talent, and this project is just one more facet of his creativity. Don’t miss out on the Shotgun Symphony rerelease, as the physical inventory is selling quickly, and this most likely will not go for another production round. Also this week, we interviewed some very exciting younger artists that will be joining the Deko community in the very near future. I get asked a lot about how we decide which artists we want to sign. That is easy, we support talented artists who understand the value of a strong community and are willing to work with a team and take direction to grow their brand.

Watch for From the Desk, Volume 2, where I will be talking about Michael Lockwood’s Sparkle Plenty release Bird Streets Lagoon; Scream Taker with Vinny Appice; Tiffany’s amazing new music; and some special projects including Maze Landing, Chapter 1, original music from the 2Trax Sessions, and a couple of documentaries we currently have in production. All exciting stuff that I can’t wait to share with you!

Have a great weekend and as always, thank you for supporting Deko and our artists.


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