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JELUSICK, Fronted By Powerhouse Vocalist Dino Jelusick, Drops Debut Album Follow The Blind Man

The band “Jelusick” is formed around singer and keyboardist Dino Jelusick (Whitesnake, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Michael Romeo, Dirty Shirley). He is joined by bassist Luka Broderick who is, like Dino, an academically educated musician. Rounding out the quartet are guitarist Ivan Keller and drummer Mario Lepoglavec. Both actively tour with Marco Mendoza (Whitesnake, Journey). All of them are exceptionally talented musicians ready to show the world that rock is still alive! Their music is a combination of hard/heavy/prog with versatile elements from other genres. Jelusick is seen as the next rock sensation by fans and music colleagues alike!

Dino joined Whitesnake after receiving a personal phone call from David Coverdale and went out on the band's 2022 farewell tour as a multi-instrumentalist and backing vocalist for Coverdale. Upon returning, he immediately focused his attention on his own band, Jelusick. They released a bunch of lead-up singles like “Healer”, ”The Great Divide”, “Chaos Master” and “Fly High Again,” collectively racking up over 200,000 listens on Spotify. The “Fly High Again” video is approaching 300,000 views.

As Dino explains,

"Follow the Blind Man is the debut album that has been waiting for a long time to finally come to life. It will give you many of the different songwriting and stylistic angles that we're capable of. From heavy, prog, bluesy to epic ballads and acoustic stuff.”

Deko President, Bruce Pucciarello, celebrates Jelusick,

“I love everything Dino does, but this is truly authentic. It is like everything else has led up to this band and this record. Holy shit, these guys can sing and play!”

Follow the Blind Man is also available on CD and limited-edition vinyl. Order your copy now and get a limited-edition bundle while supplies last:

Bundle Includes

1 x Jelusick - Follow the Blind Man – CD/LP

1 x Jelusick - Autographed Postcard

1 x Jelusick - Sticker


“Reign of Vultures”


“Animal Inside”

“Follow the Blind Man”

“What I Want”

“Acid Rain”


“The Great Divide”

“Fly High Again”

“Chaos Master”

“The Bitter End (Chaos Master Part 2)”

For more information visit

Deko Entertainment–Art Has Value


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