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Metal Twins Dianthus Release Their Long Awaited Sophomore Album “Realms”

Dianthus has just released their brand new album “Realms” which was produced by Steve Evetts (The Dillinger Escape Plan, Symphony X, Butcher Babies, etc.) and it includes 12 new songs including the stand out tracks “Realms” and “A Space In The Silence”. The album recently caught the ear of legendary drummer Carmine Appice who comments,

These Two Females Rock! Love their vocals and their voices. Great look and killer songs, Check them out!! - Carmine Appice

Jackie and Jessica had this to say about the release,

Realms” is our second full-length studio album. The sound on this record can be described as a synergy of elegant and aggressive musicality. Our love of classical piano, modern rock, and progressive metal blend together and serve as the soundtrack to the record’s concept. “Realms” is also the story of a sisterhood journey through a mystical fantasy world, which is soon to be further explored through various mediums (a comic book and more are in the works). This album is sure to make its mark on the comic book world and music scene alike.” - Dianthus

They had originally previewed the tracks “Realms” and “Creeping In” during the height of the pandemic in 2020 and the lead-off single “Realms” quickly gained the attention of press and fans alike.

“Dianthus just released their new single "Realms" and it's probably going to get stuck in your head. The duo employ soaring guitar melodies, perfectly grounded drums, and excellent vocal hooks through the track for an overall killer experience.” - Metal Injection

Deko Entertainment is also excited as president Bruce Pucciarello explains, “Watching J&J weave their creativity into Realms has been a pandemic highlight for all of us. Every song is catchy, layered and textured, recorded and mixed by Steve Evetts, and mastered by Steve DeAcutis. Some of the best talent in the industry is invested in making sure Realms delivers a full dose of what the twins are capable of. It’s all here.” You can order “Realms” now and also get the Limited Edition bundle while supplies last here.

Bundles Includes: - One (1) Dianthus - Realms CD (Autographed) - One (1) Dianthus – Realms Koozie - One (1) Dianthus Logo Beanie - One (1) Dianthus Logo Bracelet

"Realms" Tracklist:

1. Realms

2. My First Breath

3. Don't Change

4. Creeping In

5. The Quest for Nessie

6. Spines

7. A Space in the Silence

8. The Returning

9. Lonicera

10. Heart's Ease

11. Nora's Finding

12. Secrets & Promises

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