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Vintage-Futurism Storyteller Kelly Deco Is Set To Release His New Album, Constellation

Steeped in the magic and mystery of an artist’s life in the Hollywood movie machinery, vintage-futurism storyteller Kelly Deco moves through space and time with imaginary twists on figures we sometimes see in the sky and know in our hearts. The stars first aligned for Kelly in 1990 when the release of “Big Fish” and the independently produced video for “No Reality” (directed by Wayne White, three-time Emmy award winning designer for Pee-Wee’s Playhouse and Peter Gabriel’s “Big Time”) became widely publicized. The “No Reality” clip was played on numerous nationwide video programs. In 1991 it garnered national attention; it ultimately charted in Billboard’s “Viewers Top Request,” and was the most requested video on Night Tracks. Now Deco has teamed up with Deko Entertainment, and the stars have aligned once again. Deco’s most recent recording is with legendary and Grammy award winning music producer Val Garay (Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor, Kim Carnes, etc.). This current album, Constellation, has eleven brand new songs with standout tracks “Automat Girl” and “David Bowie’s Brain.”

As Deco states,

“This record has surprised me at every turn, how the songs just flowed through me from the stars above, and the polished rock sound Val Garay got. We have a great sounding record joined with a record company representing some of the greatest artists in rock history. I am very pleased to be in such good company and having this great sounding record to promote and have listeners enjoy.”

“Songs with a mix of old 70s rock and futuristic spins on Bowie, Meatloaf, Anthony Newley, and Love. And upon listening to such standout tracks as ‘Destination Fascination,’ ‘Automat Girl,’ ‘Waiting for the Girl, and ‘Creature Dream,’ this goal was impressively obtained.” Greg Prato - BraveWords

Includes: One (1) - Kelly Deco Constellation CD One (1) - 10x10 album cover flat signed by Deco and renowned artist Ioannis One (1) - Kelly Deco Eye T-Shirt Tracklist Destination Fascination Turn It On David Bowie’s Brain Constellation Automat Girl Creature Dreams Waiting for the Girl Mr. Tomorrow Voyage to the Silver Sun Dancing at the Fall Gone

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