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Jazz Guitarist, Will Sellenraad, Reissues Star Hustler Through Deko Entertainment

Will Sellenraad has earned a growing reputation known for his brilliant improvisations, compelling, melodic compositions, and is a mainstay on the NYC scene, and beyond, appearing at storied jazz venues such as The 55 Bar, Smalls, Mezzrow, The BlueNote, Birdland, The Iridium, the former Sweet Basil and many others.

After releasing his debut recording, Will Sellenraad put together Root Down to bring a funky, modern take on the great organ trios of the1960s, a la Jimmy Smith, Grant Green, Lonnie Smith, and others. Incorporating elements of soul-jazz through to the Meters, Soulive, and beyond, Star Hustler is music for your heart. Recorded live to half-inch analog tape and digitally mastered.

Joined by organist, Brian Charette's, whose influences are too vast to list, bringing years of experience sharing the stage with the likes of Lou Donaldson, Joni Mitchell, Chaka Khan, and Cindy Lauper. His unique and open approach makes anything possible at any moment. Rounded out by drummer Darren Beckett, who brings versatility to a whole new level moving fluidly between the worlds of jazz, rock, funk, and soul. From his work with Brandon Flowers and Madeleine Peyroux to playing with the likes of Lee Konitz and Kenny Wheeler, Darren makes sure the band is always cookin'.


  1. Go Get It

  2. Leprechaun

  3. Star Hustler

  4. 197 Henry

  5. Bag of Jewels

  6. Play It Back

  7. Live Wire

  8. Major Mishap

  9. Frightened People

  10. Armageddon

  11. Go Get It (revisited)

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"We finally felt it was time to hit record and got lucky enough to do so at Dangerous Music. It was a beautiful studio, we recorded everything live to 1/2” tape for this one. Everything was on the spot, no edits or overdubs... even the mix had to be done as we were playing." - Will Sellenraad⁠

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