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Win A Re Imaginos Test Pressing From Albert Bouchard

Albert Bouchard is best known as one of the founding members of Blue Öyster Cult. The original band sold millions of albums with classic songs, “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper,” and the #1 hit on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart Burning For You.As a songwriter, he wrote many BÖC songs including the very popular ”Astronomy” which was covered by Metallica on their 1998’s release Garage Inc and the live staple “Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll”, which he also sang lead vocals. Albert’s famous cowbell on “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” was the basis of the popular SNL skit with Will Ferrell and Christopher Walken, which has garnered over 13 million views and spawned the iconic phrase, “More Cowbell.”

You could win the first vinyl test pressing of "Re Imaginos," personally autographed by Albert Bouchard!


ALBERT BOUCHARD Re Imaginos Format: Vinyl TEST PRESSING (2LP) Genre: Hard Rock / Rock

Tracklist: 1. I Am The One You Warned Me Of 2. Del Rio Song 3. In the Presence of Another World (extended version) 4. Siege And Investiture Of Baron Von Frankenstein’s Castle At Weisseria 5. Girl That Love Made Blind 6. Astronomy 7. Imaginos (extended version) 8. Gil Blanco County 9. Blue Oyster Cult (extended version) 10. Black Telescope 11. Magna of Illusion 12. Les Invisibles 13. Imaginos Overture (LP ONLY)

“This vinyl release brings the vision for ‘Imaginos’ full circle, where the songs come out as a gatefold double vinyl release with each side telling a specific part of the story. It also sounds the way that Sandy and I wanted it to sound with plenty for volume and yet, plenty of headroom too. The extended mixes take advantage of the multitude of guitar tracks that I had available and also add some extra drama to some songs (as if it was really needed). Finally, it has the long-lost version of ‘Imaginos Overture’ that was planned for the original ‘Imaginos’ record, with more contributions from Joe Bouchard, Greg Holt, RJ Ronquillo, Ross The Boss Friedman, and Ace Bouchard...” - Albert Bouchard

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The test pressing winner will be announced at the "Re Imaginos" Livestream on April 10th at 4 pm ET! Albert Bouchard will perform the entire record and other classics you won't want to miss. Grab your tickets here:




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