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Deko Entertainment Presents The 2Trax Sessions, A Honest Sneak Peek Into The Creative Process

Some of the best music comes when accomplished musicians combine their talents in an effort to create something new and different. At Deko’s 2Trax Studio that is exactly what is happening. Starting December 2, 2022, a new song featuring a combination of Deko artists and special guests will be released under the title the 2Trax Sessions. Those sessions will continue with a new song released at six - eight week intervals. Each song will have a story or narrative, and the creative process will be shared with the audience through a variety of interviews, videos, and social media interactions. Get personal perspectives from each musician as they describe how they approached their contribution and how they feel about the collective result.

First up, a song named “Columbia” is a shout-out to a blue-collar street in New Jersey. For each artist involved, we find out it reminds them of their own small pieces of Americana. Columbia Avenue is a place many of us can relate to, and as the song says, it’s often too short a road. Featuring the combined talents of vocalist Joe Cerisano (Trans-Siberian Orchestra), backing vocalist Lisa Gee (independent artist), guitarist Frank Perrego (2Trax Sessions musician), keyboardist Charlie Calv (Angel), drummer Billy Orrico (Angel), bassist Eric Plotkin (2Trax Sessions musician), percussionist Julian Calv (professional busker), and songwriter/guitarist/keyboardist Bruce Pucciarello, “Columbia” is a great example of a simple song that grew exponentially by giving free rein to talented people’s creativity. Cerisano’s powerful lead vocal and Gee’s moody vocal support create a texture. Charlie Calv’s intricate production, the keyboards, the guitars, the percussion, Plotkin’s bass, and Orrico’s exceptional drum lines combine to launch the 2Trax Sessions with a first offering that sets a very high bar for what’s to come.

Former Trans-Siberian Orchestra vocalist Cerisano states,

“I fell in love with the song “Columbia” the moment Bruce [Pucciarello] played it for me. It was the words that got to me first, then the music, all within about 30 seconds. Then instantly I found myself imagining how I would sing it. That was it. I was hooked! It all has to do with feeling and what moves you. It moves me.”

Deko president and 2Trax Studio owner Bruce Pucciarello continues,

“In general, the 2Trax Sessions are special to Deko, because it represents community, cooperation, and putting artists in a position to succeed.”

To commemorate “Columbia”’s release, the guys enlisted Ace Bouchard and his video camera to take you on a trip down Columbia Avenue.

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