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From The Desk - November 25, 2022

I always plan on writing my next “From the Desk” quickly. Weeks rush by in the blink of an eye. So here I am, with an overfull in-basket and lots to write about. My friend in Seattle, Debra, encouraged me to write more about exactly what I’m doing, mainly with Deko, I guess. OK, she didn’t say exactly that, but in a past life, Debra and I worked together developing standards and technologies that hadn’t existed before. And they had nothing to do with music. While Debra was aware that I had interests in music, when we rocked a different business world, it was a different kind of rock (you had to be there). Anyway, the requests I’ve gotten to share observations about the music business and Deko’s place in it, encouraged me to dive a little deeper into the whys as well as the whats and wheres. And Charlie’s mom wants to hear more Bruce and Charlie stories, so I plan to accommodate her too!

Now on to reporting everything Deko. Let’s start with recent signings and releases.

If you follow Deko on Facebook, you might have noticed that we recently inked a partnership with Punky Meadows, Frank DiMino, and their team to produce an Angel documentary. In fact, we’ve already done some filming in our 2Trax studio. And we’ve had a camera crew behind the scenes at Angel concerts and events as they happen, all around the world. This film will examine Angel’s history with some deeply reflective and personal observations from band originals--and rock legends--Punky Meadows and Frank DiMino. Combining quotes and stories from the folks that were there and reliving Angel lore through archival footage, this documentary won’t hold back anything--we dig into one of the very best, underappreciated bands. This will be a blast to watch, I promise!

We recently partnered with and are thrilled to be releasing Ghosts of Sunset’s new project in 2023. These guys demonstrate big time song writing chops. When you get to listen, pay careful attention to the smart phrasings within the lyrics, and the driving musicianship. I have multiple selections on my playlist from this soon-to-be titled new release. Advance playlisting is one of the perks of my job.

We launched the Distant Thunder in November, first with the single “I’d Rather Be Dancing,” and then with the self-titled album release. It is getting a lot of attention. Band member, Marc Blatte, wrote one of the songs on the new Bruce Springsteen album, and the history between Marc’s writing and Joe Cerisano’s voice has crafted a partnership that is truly something to behold. Joe has been a busy guy lately, with the Distant Thunder, his upcoming Christmas album (release date 12.16.2022), and as lead vocalist on the very first 2Trax Sessions, which I will talk about in just a bit.

By the time you read this, the second single from Tiffany’s Shadows will be out, and today we will have released the complete album! As an insider, and someone lucky enough to watch as this came together, I know how f***ing cool it is. Tiffany’s ability to rock beyond her pop genius reveals something about her. It almost doesn’t matter what she sings, if you know the song, you want to sing along. This is pure fist-pumping rock and Tiffany is the bomb.

Want something totally new? On December 2 the first in a series of project recordings titled the 2Trax Sessions, named after Deko’s 2Trax multi-studio. This series is artistic and collaborative. As Charlie and I write and produce, we pick a diverse group of Deko artists and friends to add their talents and creative flairs. 2Trax Sessions artists will vary with each new entry. Our first entry is insane with talented people playing the new song “Columbia Ave.,” about the street where Charlie and I met years ago. What might have been just a nice little tune, turned into something a bit more epic, because each artist brought the influences of their neighborhoods to ours. There’s Joe Cerisano’s vocal with Lisa G’s hauntingly creative backdrop vocal, Billie’s right drums for the words, Frank’s guitar, Eric’s bass, and Julian’s homemade trimba. All have Charlie and I convinced that the 2Trax Sessions are starting on a high note…but please…you be the judge and let us know! We recorded a ton of background stuff as we start this project, so if you want to see more about how this all came together…let us know!

I am really proud to announce the first two live shows in our series Up Close & Personal. These shows—intimate concerts with conversations--will be held at our favorite record and music emporium, Factory Records, in Dover, NJ. In the lounge at Factory Records, attendance will be kept to 45 ticket holders. The lounge will have snacks for sale. This is less a meet-and-great and more like hangin’ in the artist’s house. Our first show is on December 3 and features Kasim Sulton (of Todd Rundgren, Meatloaf, Hall and Oates, Blue Oyster Cult, and Joan Jett fame). Kasim is an amazing musician and a wonderful storyteller. We will be celebrating Kasim’s birthday, so come prepared to party!

The following evening, December 4, is our Up Close & Personal concert with Tiffany. In the small intimate lounge with Tiffany and a few other fans, you will have an opportunity to spend quality time with this musical legend.

Deko’s mission is to present quality musical experiences to as many fans as possible, while keeping it close, at affordable prices. So come, be part of this entertainment model. Meet the real people. As Up Close & Personal proves to be as feasible as we know it will, Deko will continue bringing you popular artists for intimate concerts, so stay tuned. Deko chooses to showcase talented artists who appreciate and show up for their fans as much as the fans do for them. At Deko, the fans have a voice!

In January, get up, sing, dance, boogie, and experience how music comes together in one large, blessed explosion of talent and energy as the Hollywood Allstars light up the City Winery on January 17, 2023. Please come and hang out with me. Yes, it is a Tuesday night but to see the Hollywood Allstars tear it up midweek, and I’m all in, so stay tuned for more info as it becomes available. Please come and join Charlie and me at the City Winery in NYC as we dance up and down the aisles. If for nothing else, watching that might be worth the ticket price.

I hope to have another “From the Desk” out before the end of the year, so until then, please listen to our artists, follow Deko wherever you frequent social media, and reach out with questions and comments. Anyone that knows me knows I’m always up for a good conversation. Hey Debra, how’d I do?


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