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Win the latest albums from your favorite Deko artists like original members of Blue Oyster Cult Joe & Albert Bouchard, and Shark Island, and Shadow & The Thrill.

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"Re Imaginos" Tracklist:

1. I Am The One You Warned Me Of

2. Del Rio Song

3. In the Presence of Another World (extended version)

4. Siege and Investiture of Baron Von Frankenstein’s Castle At Weisseria

5. Girl That Love Made Blind

6. Astronomy

7. Imaginos (extended version)

8. Gil Blanco County

9. Blue Oyster Cult (extended version)

10. Black Telescope

11. Magna of Illusion

12. Les Invisibles

“Albert Bouchard is back with what he claims is Imaginos the way it was intended to be heard. If I were Albert Bouchard, I’d pat myself on the back. I can’t think of anyone else who has recorded two top-notch interpretations of the same body of music.” -Defenders of The Faith

Strange Legends Tracklist:

1. The African Queen

2. Forget About Love

3. Walk of Fame

4. Hit and Run

5. Racing Thru the Desert

6. She's a Legend

7. All Day and All of the Night

8. Once Upon a Time at the Border

9. Bottom for the Bottomless

10. Strangely in Love

11. Winter

“You'd think by now, when musicians who have been around as long as Joe Bouchard has, they would have plateaued and used up all the cards up their sleeves. Not so with Joe. On Strange Legends, his sixth solo record, he exceeds all his previous output easily with his best one so far” -AntiMusic

Bloodline 2.020" Tracklist:

1. Make A Move

2. Fire In the House

3. Policy Of Truth

4. Aktion Is

5. 7 Tears

6. Crazy 8’s

7. Rocks On The Rocks

8. Butterfly

9. When She Cries

10. Law Of The Order

11. On And On

12. Someday

13. Rocks On The Rocks (Producer’s Cut)

“We start out with a bang – opener ‘Make A Move’ actually makes me wonder if I have been transported back in time….the comeback album of any year. Black is back.” -The Rock Pit

Sugarbowl” Tracklist:

1. Lovesong

2. Misery

3. The Grind

4. Sugarbowl

5. Ready To Roll

6. Just Enough

7. Crazy

8. Mississippi

9. Unaware

10. Sugarbowl (acoustic) LP ONLY

“An insta-classic that should be immediately added to your local classic rock radio station playlists, make Joe Bonamassa consider a job in insurance, remind Slash what it’d be like if he had a big hairy-chested blokey-bloke as a singer, and have the ghost of Gary Moore kicking himself.” -Classic Rock

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