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Get Your Special Download of "Angels All Around" with Tiffany's Limited-Edition Shadows Vinyl

Tiffany’s life can be measured in songs. Anyone with even a casual eye on pop culture will remember her breakout in the late ’80s, sparked by the transatlantic #1 smash, "I Think We’re Alone Now." But the fans who have made the journey with her since know that the best stuff came later. The singer fought her way to the music she burned to record, from 1993’s restorative Dreams Never Die, through the pulsing electro bangers of 2005’s Dust Off and Dance, right up to 2018’s highly acclaimed Pieces of Me, and follow up Shadows.

Tiffany is now releasing the fully produced "Angels All Around" as a special download available with the limited-edition, reworked Shadows vinyl, just in time for the Holidays.

As Tiffany explains,

"It was sad that the original vinyl package was badly damaged when it was shipped to us, after waiting over six months, and was truly very disappointing to me!! But thank you to my label, Deko, for working with me to rework it. This new package is definitely a collector’s item. The artwork is my first headshot, when I was 12 years old."

"Angels All Around" is also available worldwide via all DSPs now, and as Tiffany states, "'Angels All Around' is a song that is inspired by fans who reached out to me during covid, who were feeling lost and alone. I wrote this song to connect to them and to hopefully inspire them during the holiday season and beyond. I believe there are angels all around guiding us and looking over us, especially through the bad times and things we don't understand."

The limited edition reworked Shadows is available to order in limited bundles here:

This bundle Includes: One (1) Shadows Vinyl One (1) “Angels All Around” download card One (1) Autographed Holiday Card (only first 50 orders)

For more context, Shadows —Tiffany's first new release since 2018's Piece Of Me — is described as a cathartic comeback LP on which Tiffany bares her soul and invites listeners to walk with her into the light. As Tiffany wrote: "Shadows is about the light and dark of my life, the heartbreak that nobody knows about, when you’re trying to be fabulous onstage. My life has never been perfect. But maybe all those things are meant to be. And what helps me more than anything is writing songs."

The LP includes 11 brand new songs, including single, "I Like The Rain," as well as stand-out tracks "You're My Everything," "Bed of Nails," and a rocking cover of the Rival Sons track "Keep On Swinging."

Stay tuned for more from Tiffany, coming in 2024.

For more information, visit:

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