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Tiffany Shares "You're My Everything" Music Video

Tiffany has released her 11th studio album,Shadows, out now on DSPs and physical formats via Deko Entertainment. Today, she shares a music video for the track, "You're My Everything," just in time for the Holidays as we all help to spread love and joy, while reflecting back on everything we've experienced this year.

Speaking on the track and its accompanying video, she wrote:

"This song is about continuing to open your heart and seek true love even though you’ve been hurt before. 'You're My Everything' is telling someone the truth of how you feel about them...but they may not commit or feel the same."

Shadows Tiffany's first new release since 2018's Piece Of Me — is described as a cathartic comeback LP on which Tiffany bares her soul and invites listeners to walk with her into the light.

As Tiffany wrote:

"Shadows is about the light and dark of my life, the heartbreak that nobody knows about, when you’re trying to be fabulous onstage. My life has never been perfect. But maybe all those things are meant to be. And what helps me more than anything is writing songs."

The LP includes 11 brand new songs, including single, "I Like The Rain," as well as stand-out tracks "You're My Everything," "Bed of Nails," and a rocking cover of the Rival Sons track "Keep On Swinging." It is being released in multiple formats, including Digital, CD, and Limited-Edition Pink and Black vinyl, with pop-up album artwork created by multidisciplinary British artist Stuart Semple. This is limited to 250 copies and comes with multiple Tiffany photo inserts, making this a one-of-a-kind collectible piece.

Stuart states,

"It’s been really exciting to be able to make some new art with Tiffany. Her music was a big part of my childhood. The new record is amazing and I'm so glad to have been able to come up with a visual way to bring it to life. It feels like the whole project is an artwork in it's own right."

You can reserve your copy of the Limited Edition Vinyl HERE.

For more information visit:

Deko Entertainment - Art Has Value


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