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Leviathan Project Releases Their First Instrumental Album "Why Are We Here"

Leviathan Project is a powerful new Metal ensemble, featuring Bobby Koeble (Death), Matt Nardo (Producer), Tk (Britny Fox), and Tim "Ripper" Owens (guest vox, x-Judas Priest) exploring the ongoing study of our human condition through music, writings, and visual communication. The result is an aggressive and captivating sound that combines traditional heavy metal with catchy melodies, haunting vocals, and otherworldly guitars.

Leviathan Project released the full CD "Sound of Galaxies” in November and TK had this to say:

“This release has something for every heavy metal fan, shredding guitars, blazing vocals and carefully crafted songs with tons melody.”

Now as winter is upon us they are releasing the instrumental album “Why Are We Here”, a cold and haunting journey exploring the sonic territory of ambient music. There are a limited amount of CDs available and the album is available everywhere digitally on December 24th. Shop the Leviathan Project store here.

"Why Are We Here" Instrumental Tracklist:

1. The Beginning

2. Discovery

3. Mist

4. Moongate

5. Winter Light

6. Transformation

7. Far Away

8. The Wait

9. Crystals

10. Pulse

For more information, please visit:


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