Brothers In Arms Release Latest Single And Video For “Make You Mine”, Featuring Keith St. John

Updated: Jan 20

Brothers In Arms is the brainchild of guitarist/composer Jack Frost (Savatage, Seven Witches, Lizzy Borden, etc…), who along with several recruited iconic rock brothers, has made it his mission to prove rock music will never die. The guys unified to take a stand against the doubters and cynics who have claimed that it's simply not possible to resurrect this celebrated music in which so many lasting and fond memories were built around. Banding together, Jack and the Brothers forged ahead with one main goal: To make quality music that would both represent and immortalize the days of the sold-out legendary rock venues, to show the world that rock is not just a thing of the past.

The Brothers are back with their latest single and video for the track “Make You Mine”. The song was written by Keith St. John and Angel keyboardist Charlie Calv, and also features a guest solo by Dave Amato of REO Speedwagon.

Keith had this to say about it: